Our Vision

Maia’s mission is to change the way in which children take on the responsibilities of their medical care as they transition from pediatric to adult care in order to not only relieve parents from a mountain of stress, but also to better prepare children for their future as adults with chronic illnesses.

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Our Solution

Maia works to support pediatric patients throughout their transition to adult care via an engaging mobile application that motivates patients to begin to assume ownership of their own health care treatment decisions.

Patient Pods

Motivates and connects a pediatric network of children with similar chronic illnesses that may offer each other emotional support and advice as they embark on their transition to adult care.

Health Skills Games

Uses fun and incentivizing rewards to encourage children to begin to take on the responsibilities of their care: making appointments, scheduling labs, understanding medical history.

Appointment Support

Offers guidance to patients during the appointment. Once enrolled in Maia, pediatric patients will be given a designated amount of time to lead a portion of the appointment.